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At SmartWills, we are a fusion of empathy, innovation, and expertise, dedicated to redefining how individuals approach the vital task of legacy planning. Born from the collective wisdom of financial advisors, legal connoisseurs, planners, and tech mavens, SmartWills stands as a testament to the power of collaborative genius.

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Our ultimate goal at SmartWills is to maximize long-term shareholder value by embodying operational and financial discipline. We focus on lower-risk, high-return growth projects and metrics that emphasize returns. With our innovative approach to online will-writing and legacy planning, SmartWills is revolutionizing the sector, providing a platform that promises not only growth but also stability and foresight in an essential market.

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A prime opportunity in the growing market of secure, digital will services.

Invest in the future of simplified estate planning technology.

Capitalize on the demand for fast, efficient will-writing solutions.

A reliable investment in a trusted platform for will preparation.

Investment Opportunity

SmartWills presents a compelling investment opportunity.

SmartWills is strategically positioned to drive value for its investors through a focused, streamlined, and resilient portfolio. With significant growth drivers rooted in our innovative approach to digital will-writing and legacy planning, SmartWills stands out as a leader in the financial technology sector. Our commitment to operational excellence and customer-centric services ensures long-term value and profitability, making SmartWills an attractive opportunity for savvy investors.

SmartWills: Passionately transforming the future of estate planning.

SmartWills is dedicated to transforming estate planning through our core values and ESG principles. Our approach to Will writing and legacy planning is deeply integrated into our culture, driving us to shape a secure, thoughtful future for generations.

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Why invest in SmartWills?

Investing in SmartWills offers a unique and compelling opportunity for investors looking to be part of a pioneering shift in the financial technology sector. Here are several reasons why SmartWills stands out as an attractive investment:

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